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Relationship with God

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When you place your faith in Jesus, you have a new identity

God’s greatest desire is for us to know Him and be confident that our salvation and eternal destiny are secure. Christianity should not be confused with religion: rules, responsibilities, duties, do’s and don’ts. To be a Christian is to be in relationship with God, the maker of Heaven and Earth. It is the most important commitment you'll ever make and the most important relationship you'll ever have.

If you are uncertain about your relationship with God, or you have not experienced the saving love of his Son, Jesus Christ, learn more about knowing Jesus by downloading our Foundations Study or by joining our next Christian Essentials class.

Austin Ridge Bible Church EQUIP Classes Christian Essentials

Christian Essentails

Join our next class

This class is for anyone who wants to know more about the basics of our faith. You will learn the core beliefs of Christianity, tips and tools for reading and studying the Bible, and practical ways to share what you believe with others.

Speak with a Pastor

If you would like to speak with a pastor about what a relationship with God looks like, call our office at (512) 263-7701 or reach out via email and we will be in touch soon!